Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break-last post.

Here are the last pictures of Vegas and home to California.  My cousins and Aunt were in town, and we did our traditional "Swap Meet Saturday" and it was just so fun to see them.  I lived just a few miles from them for the past couple years, so now that I live here in AZ  I have missed them!   So, here are my last random pictures from that week. (and there are A LOT)

I got the opportunity to take a few quick HDR shots on "The Strip:"

All the gals at the swap meet
 {Kim, Mom, Aubree, Allison (Kims Twin), Ashley, and her friend Lex}

aaaand last but not least, another couple of my cute mom....

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McCall B. said...

I love the Canada chairs. Your trip looks like a lot more fun than driving up to Orem for spring break, but I would have had a lot more fun!
Miss you!
P.S. are you related to my musical love yet?