Saturday, September 3, 2011

I want, I want!

No...I need, I need.

Occasionally, very occasionally, I go to the Anthropology site, and peruse all the fun things I want. 
Sometimes this is fun, and sometimes its just painful because I can't afford all that I want. 

Here is my latest temptation:

Its Moroccan inspired and its just so pretty. It would go so well in my new apartment!!

Now how to justify spending the money.

{ Did I mention I moved to my very own apartment about 2 months ago?  Its just so fun, and I am sans roommates.  While I have had some good (and a few great) roommates, overall I have missed ever having my own place. At one point in my life I thought living alone would be depressing, but I can not tell you how happy I am to have my very OWN space. I can do what I want with decorating, I can cook and make a mess, and then clean and it stays clean!  I also love the fact that I don't have to feel awkward in my own home, depending on who is there, what is happening, etc.  After 10 years of not feeling comfortable in my own home (off and on), its a lovely relief!  I seriously smile every time I walk in the door, I LOVE it.  (And its such a cute apartment, super new, and all white cabinets, and marble counter tops, and great community.)  LOVE IT! }

Thursday, September 1, 2011


The end of April/beggining of June I was up in Utah really briefly to see some friends in a Concert (more on that later).  I am blessed to have especially beautiful friends, and so as it works out, thier kids tend to take after their likeness, so I did a couple of impromptu photo shoots. I don't get to be around them much anymore which is not ok. Here are a few of my favorites, sorry if there are a lot!

(Boy are kids squirmy, I haven't had much practice with photographing kids, but trust me, I had more blurry ones than usable.) ;)

{click to enlarge}

Garrett knows a bunch of signs now thanks to "Signing time"  (he's signing "mom" here)

 Look at that adoreable face!

 Here is the Fam!!  They are the cutest, and Emily was around 30 weeks here, and they just had their preicious little girl, Chloe last week!  She is gonna be my next target! 
I cant wait to meet her! 

Parker- What a goof. ;)

These next photos are of my dear friend McCall's son, Colin - the furrowed brow cutie.  He is so fun to be around, and he is growing so fast!  I'm so sad I am not around them either!  

{click to enlarge}

Here is McCall and the little guy.  Love them... and miss them!  (And there is a brother or sister on the way for Colin! So exciting!)

And speaking of portraits, here is one of my Mom I took a few months back when she came to Az for a visit. Isn't she absolutely lovely! 

Ok, well thats about enough of the picture overload!  Have a good week-end! I have a 4 day weekend, and I plan to enjoy it!