Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Different Technology Nicaction'

This video made me laugh until I cried.  Maybe because I am in one of those moods where I cry at anything, but I think its pretty hilarious none the less. (Plus I love Rhett and Link.)

As an interpreter at an educational setting, often I have had an instructor show a youtube clip of something and, in the interest of trying to be "helpful," they turn on the "CC" (closed captioning) option that is on youtube now, but its less than effective because it just. doesn't. work.   So I just keep interpreting.  NBD.

This takes it to the next level, and I love it:

You should also watch the first caption fail they did. Also amazing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A couple things...

First, I got my new Toms in the mail this weekend, and I am in love.

Second, I crafted my brains out this weekend, and had so much fun listening to conference, while feeling all domestic.  I love my apartment, and I am loving it even more now that I am doing some fun stuff with it.  I was gonna write a SUPER long post with bunches of pictures but I ran out of steam, so I will do more next time. For now, here's a couple pics of what I did this weekend:

^ This is above my couch. Its made with toilet paper rolls and love.  (Which I hear is the same recipe for most marriages, right?) 
Inspiration from here.  But don't go there because you will like it better than mine.

Most of what's on the wall is made/painted/re-purposed by me! 

It was great fun, I had about 14 projects in my mind to do, and narrowed it down quite a bit.  You see, I am an all or nothing kinda gal.  I get super amp'd for something and I go all crazy, and then it gets kicked to the wayside as soon as I see something else that is shiny and pretty and get all crazy about that.  So when I have a moment of lasting enthusiasm for one thing, I am quite happy when I finish it.  I think I have a version of ADD that distracts me, and makes me loose all motivation to do anything productive.  

I give you exhibit A:

(I was trying to figure out what would look good in the frame.  At least I ruled out "lion face.")

Aaaanyway, I will post more pictures in the next couple of days of my actual apartment, and show my other projects, cause I know you are just dying to hear every detail.

What? You're not?

Well, again, at least my Mom is.  Hi Mom!

ps. Wasn't Conference off the hook?  Er, I mean spiritually uplifting?  I for one came out of it with a resolve to spend less time on Facebook/Twitter/Blogger and more time really living/being productive/serving/reading.   How about you?