Friday, November 13, 2009

To Emily...

Its my amazing friend Emily's 28th birthday here are 28 things I love about one of my dearest and best friends....

1. She has a gorgeous voice and is one of the most talented singers I know.
2. She is seriously an amazing mom...she has a sincerely perfect family.
3. She is the queen of coupons. She has it down to an art, its amazing to shop with her, when she ends up getting a cart full for approximately $5.
4. She is just plain hot. And not like, hot for a Mom, she is just hot!
5. She has the funnest laugh, that is contagious, occasionally spontanious, and always cute.
6. She is kind and giving, and thinks of others.
7. She has the most amazing blue eyes!
8. She (and her Hubby, Brad) always put the Lord first. I have never heard them NOT give credit to the Lord when they talk about how blessed they are.
9. She is stylish.
10. She is incredibly humble.
11. She is smart. Both book smart, and street smart. A good combination.
12. She is always honest. Sometimes hilariously honest :)
13. She is a rockin vocal teacher/choir director.
14. She is hilarious. We are always laughing...always.
15. She married up...and so did her husband. (that's hard to do, but it seriously happened)
16. She has two of the cutest most amazing little boys! (Parker and Garrett)
17. Shes extremely and unconditionally loving.
18. She is always positive. I rarely hear her complaining.
19. She's just fun. I love being around her.
20. She is a true friend, loyal and loving.
21. She is mature, but not too much ;) Heather, Emily and I still feel like we are giggling teenagers when we get together.
22. She gives great advice. Especially about boys, and helps me think through the craziness.
23. She is rarely if ever, in a really bad mood. Its always easy to make her laugh even if she is :)
24. She loves life, and loves her family more than anything.
25. She can fit a Pringles can lid in her mouth and carry on a comedy act with it. Thats talent.
26. She is non-judgmental, and gives people the benefit of the doubt.
27. She has always been a faithful and unwavering example of how a daughter of God should conduct her life.
28. Last but not least, she was smart enough to choose me as a friend! ;)

Love you, hope you had the best birthday ever!