Saturday, July 31, 2010

I feel like Im taking crazy pills

Sometimes I feel like I am the only normal one around. Especially when driving. To describe this in more detail, I have added a graph for clarity:

So there you have it. Something tells me I may not be the only one who feels this way. But I am pretty sure I am the only good driver out there. yeah.

I really wish I had all the recordings of myself talking to other drivers. Sometimes I honestly don't realize I am talking out loud to all the other drivers around me. The comment this morning in the car that sparked this post was catching my self after following a SLOOOWW Utah driver, saying something like, "Hey moron see me!? Im in following-the-speed-limit-ville, you should join me and stay awhile." I wondered how many "clever" things like this I have come up with in the past, and I must say am glad people don't actually hear me. Maybe I AM taking crazy pills.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

30 Before 30!

I had a birthday this past weekend, which was great, (pics to come) but I couldn't help but think it was the death of another year in my 20's. Dramatic? Yes. So I got to thinking a couple months ago, that I really want to make the most of my 20's, and have no regrets of things I wanted to do "before 30." Now I am not saying 30 is old, but for most of our culture it is definitely a crossroads, and every time I think about being 30, my breathing gets faster, and I start sweating, and my blood pressure increases. Again, dramatic? Yes. But slightly true.

So, I have compiled a list of 30 things (inspired by my amazing friend Julie who did "27 For my 27th Year.") I want to do/accomplish in the next 2 years. I have been mulling over this list, and I think it will be a good one. I am super excited about this, and will add this list to the side of my blog to keep myself reminded, and check them off when completed. (As I have said previously, I love lists, and most of all, the fulfillment I get in checking them off one by one.)

I realize several of these cost money and/or are pretty ambitious, especially having 30 of them! But I feel I can do it with planning and budgeting, and will try to report on any progress I am making at least once a week to keep myself motivated and accountable to someone/something.

So without further ado, (and in no specific order) here is my list! :
30 BEFORE 30...
1. Find and restore an old piece of furniture to make it look like a million bucks.
2. Sell hand made jewelry or crafts online. (This is a requirement if you live in Utah. ha)
3. Train for a 10K! (6.2 Mi.)!! (trust me, this is ambitious for me…I HATE running -always have.)
4. Shoot bridals or engagements. (or Wedding!!)
5. Buy Photoshop and learn it more proficiently.
6. Enter a photography contest.
7. Consistently blog or Journal once a week.
8. Get to my weight loss goal.
9. Read Jesus the Christ.
10. Travel to San Francisco, New York, or Orlando Fla.!
11. Get out of debt!
12. Go to a temple I have never been to before.
13. Save up for a down payment on my own place.
14. Pass the NIC (National Interpreter Certification).
15. Deep clean, and get rid of lots of my crap/clothes/junk!
16. Finish organizing, scrapbooking mission letters, papers and pictures.
17. Get in the habit of doing Yoga regularly. (Started 2 months ago, but injured my back last week, so I will get back asap.)
18. Learn to make/decorate fondant cakes.
19. Go to a Broadway play.
20. Go to symphony, opera or ballet.
21. Start and finish Book of Mormon again.
22. Go on Welfare Square tour again.
23. Volunteer at habitat for humanity.
24. Get a DOG!! (or other pet depending where I live.)
25. Go to live session of General Conference again.
26. Go to Disneyland/world.
27. Compile a blog book.
28. Girlfriend get-away with my girls Emily and Heather!
29. Memorize and be able to play/sing 15 guitar songs well.
30. It’s a Secret!! (Partly because I’m not sure if I wanna do this one yet, and if I change my mind, I can replace it with whatever I want and no one will know. Hah)

YAHOO! I am so excited!! Wish me luck!

I have from July 18th 2010-July 18th 2012.
In order to do all 30 in 2 years, must complete one item every 3.5 Weeks or 24 days. **biting nails nervously** On that note... *Disclaimer* I reserve the right to change any of these at any time depending on the time of the month, my moodiness, or if I've procrastinated too long. haha.

And last but not least, I invite anyone else who wants to, to do something similar. We can support each other!