Tuesday, February 16, 2010

aye aye aye....

...aye just need to get back to blogging! Ok, so here are a few things I have been thinking about, or doing lately... (with pictures of course, which I think is more fun)

  • I have been enjoying the Olympics in the land of my birth! **sings loudly** "Ooooh Caaaa-na-da, my home and native laaaaand!"
(Canada's first Gold on their soil!)

  • I have been way into re-reading letters from my mission, and looking at the amazing photo books my dear talented Mom scrapbooked for me as I sent pictures home. Its bittersweet, I miss it terribly, but love the memories, friends and testimony I gained.
(Interpreting the Temple Sq. tour announcement after "music and the spoken word" along w/about 20 diff languages)

(One of my favorite companions ever! Sis. Palma From the Phillipines. -ahem- do you also notice I am representing Canada that day!?)

  • I am SO looking forward to a River trip in July with some of my best bosom buddies, Heather & Brandon, Emily & hubby Brad, Brad & wifey Lisa, and Scott & wifey Cindy. They all have kiddos (7 total!), and I am excited to meet some for the first time, and hang with all of them. They are some of the most quality, funnest friends you could ask for.
This is all of us the last time we were all together at the river house in I think summer 2001- (L-R) Scott, Heather, Brandon, Emily, Brad, Me, Ronnie. (Ronnie was a fun but random invite that year)

(I hope everyone is ok with me posting scantily clad pictures of us. Oh well. already done!)

  • I have been researching what to do with "future Me", so I have been looking in to Grad school! I am so excited about this thought, that I am 95% sure it will happen. I am toying around with the Idea of going to the U of U, for a M.Ed, starting next winter!?

  • I have been eating better and less, and am feeling excited about the results :) This is one of the picture's currently motivating me on my mirror to stick to it. (Its me and Heather in '02)
  • I have been feeling crafty and have done a few little things including the plates in the pictures below. I want to Spray paint the back white, and pair them with large black plates. I'll post the final product when I'm done.