Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pointless Purchases Please

I love "window" shopping on-line.  I found a website here that has stupid random gifts that one feels are so novel that you have to buy it.  I try to think of which of my friends I think NEEDS the item, so I can justify buying it.  Then I think, "wait, do I really need to spend $10 on bacon band-aids, and $15 on a hamburger phone?"   

These are all things that I would buy if I had money to burn, just because of the dumb little kid in me.  If you feel you need any of these, I am pretty sure that it would not be very hard to convince me to buy it for you.  

Stationary is a weakness of mine. i love it.

Cutest tape despenser ever, right?

This has fun pages inside...see below

Its like Willy Wonka's Magical edible land!
Milk Jug!

USB drives!! Cute!

Guitar Spatula!
I love coloring. And indie rock.

Crazy Cat lady ACTION FIGURE

My family needs this.

Makes me want to make more Jewish friends.

Shower Curtain
A nose is a nose like a rose is a rose...
(these are called "Pick your nose" cups. clever.)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, I have had no internet at home for the past several weeks, so I have been MIA as far as blogging goes.  I have been dying without real internet!!  I have been able to barely attach to someones internet for a little "sharing" but its not reliable and its slower than slow on a slow stick. 

I have one thing I need to check of my 30 Before 30 list though! Yay! I am checking off #5, "Buy and learn Photoshop more proficiently."  Note: while I am definitely not proficient I am getting a lot better.  I learned SO MUCH at the Art Weekend in SLC put on by Nicole from A Little Sussy and her clan.  I had SO much fun, I just loved it. I felt like I learned a years worth of material in just 3 days, and so I have a years worth of homework to do from it.  A friend just pointed out that I am in pictures on her blog, here too. (see if you can find me-I'm there twice)  :) I would much rather be behind a camera than in front of it though.  (as you may be able to tell from my head being down.) 

Also because of that, I have gotten further in some of my other goals on the list, and will hopefully be cheking more off soon.  

Here are some pictures of what I have done with photoshop since going to the classes (click on picture to make larger) :

(these are pictures my Grandpa sent me that he has been wanting to get repaired/retouched.) 

The above is a picture my of my maternal Great Grandfather at my grandfather and grandmother's wedding.  It is the only good color picture we have of him, and my Grandpa wanted to see if I could make a "whole person" out of him.  Its my first attempt, but I think it worked pretty well so far. 

The below picture  is of my Grandfather and his Brother when they were young, and while, its not perfect, its certainly a lot better. 

(again, click to make larger)

This one below, is also of my Grandfather when he was in college in Canada. It was a large picture of a huge class of students, and this is scanned and enlarged. The picture says "Normal School" but I have no clue what that means.  I am glad he got in though, I would hate to have to tell you this was a picture of him at "Abnormal School."
 Anyway, I love this one, and think it turned out great!  I think it was about 1917, right before he flew in the RCAF in WWI (Royal Canadian Air Force).

More posts to come.  :)