Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(Click above to see the Cafe site)

This was the most deliciously loverly little place. Its Called The Chocolate Cafe. McCall told us about it last week, and tonight we gave it a try. It was "Ladies night" at the Chocolate Cafe, (which we found really meant nothing, there were still men there, and there were no discounts for ladies, or male strippers to denote the Ladies only thing). Anyway, I love the ambiance there, so cute, and comfortable, with chairs and couches, and shabby chic decorations both upstairs and downstairs.

I definitely recommend this confectionery cafe. If I had to rate it, I would give it 3 D's. Delicious, Delectable, and Divine. (However I am currently feeling a bit ill from late night sugary goodness)

The pictures are from my phone, we all intended, but forgot to bring a real camera, sorry for the not-so-fab quality. Thanks McCall, great find, and great idea!

(Shaylee, Shaylee's friend?, McCall, and me behind the camera)