Saturday, November 5, 2011


A friend posted this on Facebook today, and it seemed fitting for me right now.  Plus who doesn't love a hotsy totsy picture of NPH?  I do! 

Its more like I'm "trying" to get more awesome, though.  Sometimes I feel like I am and sometimes, like today, I don't.  Maybe its because its a rainy weekend, and I am still getting over this yucky sickness I have had for 2 weeks, but I'm just not feelin' it at the moment.  Right now I feel kind of forlorn, when I really want to feel like I'm getting awesome! 

Any suggestions? I tried washing my car and cleaning my apt, but now I just feel clean and forlorn.  I'm sure church tomorrow will help me feel better, it always does.  I need perspective! 

(Or maybe I need more pictures of NPH.)

Yep...ok... thats a good one.

 Mmm hmm, his eyes clearly tell me I'm pretty awesome.  This is helpful.  I'm glad we talked it out.