Saturday, November 5, 2011


A friend posted this on Facebook today, and it seemed fitting for me right now.  Plus who doesn't love a hotsy totsy picture of NPH?  I do! 

Its more like I'm "trying" to get more awesome, though.  Sometimes I feel like I am and sometimes, like today, I don't.  Maybe its because its a rainy weekend, and I am still getting over this yucky sickness I have had for 2 weeks, but I'm just not feelin' it at the moment.  Right now I feel kind of forlorn, when I really want to feel like I'm getting awesome! 

Any suggestions? I tried washing my car and cleaning my apt, but now I just feel clean and forlorn.  I'm sure church tomorrow will help me feel better, it always does.  I need perspective! 

(Or maybe I need more pictures of NPH.)

Yep...ok... thats a good one.

 Mmm hmm, his eyes clearly tell me I'm pretty awesome.  This is helpful.  I'm glad we talked it out.


Daydream Believer said...

Girlfriend, you are awesome. End of story.

Tanya said...

Jer, you are really one of the awesomest people I know! Seriously. I bet taking a trip up to Canada would help you feel that awesomeness more clearly. no jokes.
we miss you. love you :)