Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new take...

I posted this picture (among others) a while back, but have been wanting to try out more black and white, and I got something that I think is better than the original. It took some reworking of contrast, exposure, etc, but I am re-discovering why black and white is so great!

On another note, right after I posted the pics of this intriguing creature, I am sad to say that he disappeared.  Now in the same large "field" ther are three beautiful darker brown horses that run, eat and laze about together.  I am sad my favorite horse is gone, but maybe I will make 3 new friends.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reason For the Season


Don't forget the reason for the season, Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for holidays where it feels like many of us are on the same page.  I think the world could use more of remembering the Savior and His atonement and resurrection. I love this video clip, and I add my testimony that He lives.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Desert Hike

Deserts and Hikes are 2 things that I have lived my life thinking should never go together.  But this last weeked I allowed them to be together.  It was actually a nice hike,  albeit a pretty easy, but it was 90-somtething degrees outside, and the middle of the day.  Bad timing, yes, but my roommate wanted to go, so I decided to join her.  

I was surprised to see how beautiful things can be if you look! Its a spiky-er kind of beautiful but I quite enjoy it all. 

We decided next time, early morning would be better, and not so scorching! 

This is the beginning of the hiking trail on south mountain in Phoenix: {and the word Mountain is used loosely here.  When you've lived in Utah, these look more like "big'ole hills"}

 The beautiful {& smoggy} view from the top, of downtown phoenix.  We drove {in our air conditioned car} about 1/2 way up and hiked about a mile the rest of the way.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hunger Games

First of all, if you have not read these books, read them. 
I love them, although whenever I tell people the premise I have to start with a disclaimer that my description of the books isn't great, but the books are.   Maybe I am not explaining it right, but whenever I tell people its a post-apocalyptic North America, where the capital city of 12 districts choses 2 teens from each district to fight to the death in a reality show/battle, people give me suspicious looks. 

For those of you who have read it, what do you think? Did you love the 3rd book or hate it, or a combination? Being vague because I hate blogs with spoilers,  I'll just say I loved the first 2 and have mixed feelings about the 3rd and feel the last couple chapters were quite rushed, but was OK with it all in the end.

Anyway, I am reading them all again, after this lady got me to read them the first time.  I found out they were making a movie of it a while ago, but they only just released who the 3 main characters would be a week or 2 ago.  I have been SO anxious and nervous to see who they would be. (dramatic, I know, but I am picturing a Twilight movie-like-disaster.)

So, if you don't already know, or if you care, here they are. 

Jennifer Lawrence (Winters Bone) as Katniss Everdeen, the Main Character who is the narrator of the story, who is terribly poor, and hunts to take care of her mother and sister after her father's death.  She is a survivor, and is supposed to be small, thin and very plain but incredibly strong willed. 

I have never seen Jennifer Lawrence in anything, but she seems awfully tall and curvy, and not scrawny or plain by any means.  She got a lot of buzz at the Oscars so I am hoping she does not disappoint.

Liam Hemsworth (The Last Song), as Gale Hawthorne.
He is supposed to be Katniss's friend and hunting buddy who is like a brother, but Katniss struggles about what kind of love she has for him, and if there really is more.  

Aside from the fact that he already has a point against him being most known for a movie with Miley Cyrus and also her boyfriend, and that he is supposed to have darker wavy hair, he works alright i guess.  One plus is he is pretty darn hot, so I won't have any qualms watching him hunt.

And lastly but not least, Josh Hutcherson (The Kids are Alright) as Peeta Mellark.  Peeta is a boy in love with Katniss that is thrust in the games with her.  He has unconditional love for her which makes him tragic and sweet.  Katniss struggles with what she feels for him too, and why she feels what she does. Add to the mix Gale, and its a fabulous love triangle. 

For me he is the most beloved character, and the one I was anticipating the most, and consequently the most disappointed in who they chose.  BUT I have never seen him before so the only thing I have to go on are looks, and I am hoping he does the character justice.   His physical characteristics do not match what I pictured.  Also, I feel like he looks 12 and Katniss looks 20 and a foot taller than him.

What do you guys think!?  Besides the fact that I am taking this all too seriously. {Rachel I blame you.}

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Found this pretty little thing while driving back from one of our campuses.  This campus is even more in the middle of no where than the one I work at is.  It's pure dirt and cacti for about 100 miles each way.  When we drive out there i'ts almost 2 hours each way so we only have a couple hours there before we have to come back to our main campus.
But I digress.
After that much "blah," when you see a pop of color, you  tend to notice.   Since spring is now here (yay!)  The cacti are now starting to blossom!  These are little cacti, and I would never notice them at all, but but they now have beautiful flowers!  I just had to snap a picture, even though all I had was my phone.  Next week, I will make sure to bring my Canon to do these blossoms justice.

Aren't they beautiful!?  I love Arizona!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break-last post.

Here are the last pictures of Vegas and home to California.  My cousins and Aunt were in town, and we did our traditional "Swap Meet Saturday" and it was just so fun to see them.  I lived just a few miles from them for the past couple years, so now that I live here in AZ  I have missed them!   So, here are my last random pictures from that week. (and there are A LOT)

I got the opportunity to take a few quick HDR shots on "The Strip:"

All the gals at the swap meet
 {Kim, Mom, Aubree, Allison (Kims Twin), Ashley, and her friend Lex}

aaaand last but not least, another couple of my cute mom....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break part 2- Las Vegas

I met my parents in Las Vegas (with my new-to-me Toyota Avalon by the way! I love it!)  My Dad had won a package to Marriott, so we stayed at a super nice resort, and could eat at any of the several restaurants for free!  It was great fun!   Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me crash your party! :)

The Donnie and Marie concert! So silly but so fun!

The Resort: (wheres Waldo?.... er..my parents)

The Bellagio Atrium: