Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Desert Hike

Deserts and Hikes are 2 things that I have lived my life thinking should never go together.  But this last weeked I allowed them to be together.  It was actually a nice hike,  albeit a pretty easy, but it was 90-somtething degrees outside, and the middle of the day.  Bad timing, yes, but my roommate wanted to go, so I decided to join her.  

I was surprised to see how beautiful things can be if you look! Its a spiky-er kind of beautiful but I quite enjoy it all. 

We decided next time, early morning would be better, and not so scorching! 

This is the beginning of the hiking trail on south mountain in Phoenix: {and the word Mountain is used loosely here.  When you've lived in Utah, these look more like "big'ole hills"}

 The beautiful {& smoggy} view from the top, of downtown phoenix.  We drove {in our air conditioned car} about 1/2 way up and hiked about a mile the rest of the way.


Larry said...

Well done Jerilyn. Your super, your special.

Chelsa said...

You moved to AZ? What part? I have family in Mesa. Are you interpreting there? Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying it in the dessert! Cool pics.