Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best Wedding Ever!

I have been planning on writing a post about the the wedding since I got back from California, but I keep postponing it... no more. Since this is my journal of sorts, I wanted to write down the experience. First of all James and Taylor looked absolutely amazing! I am serious, they are such a gorgeous couple if I do say so myself. James had on an ascot tuxedo, which my aunt Alicia says is worn primarily in Europe (she is the family world traveler!). It was unique and super classy, and James pulled it of quite nicely! It matched with Taylor's style of dress, which was vintage looking, and she designed it herself! It was so perfect, and she was radiant in it!

To start from the beginning for me, I arrived a week prior to the wedding, and was able to help with the last min stuff, which was nice because I honestly felt like I hadn't been able to be much of a help here in Utah. It was a busy and expectedly-stressful week, but still pleasant, and we had fun. Taylors friend, Bekah, flew in and was a huge help, especially since we were helping pack both of them up to move to Texas. Taylor and I got pedicures and spray tans, and it was just fun being there with them before the wedding. It also made me realize just how much there is to do for a wedding... so many little things that add up to lots of $$ and time. But there were lots of amazing people that contributed so it went perfectly.

I honestly thought that on the actual wedding day, it would be super stressful, and things would probably go wrong that we weren't anticipating, but honestly everything seemed to just go smoothly. There were a couple of things we forgot but thanks to friends and family's help (thanks Alicia and Ash!), no one noticed, and it was acutally REALLY fun and enjoyable! I noticed that a lot of people came and stayed though out the ceremony and reception, and enjoyed themselves. No offense, but a lot of mormon weddings seem to go like this: Show up in flip-flops, drop off gift, shake bride and grooms hand, grab food, and run. It was hardly that, and fun was had by all. I think the big hits of the night were the cute and yummy candy station, and James' song he wrote and surprised Taylor with. Lots of people were in tears.

The part that I did not mention yet was the temple. Of course it is a sacred experience that I don't want to make light of on a blog, but I do want to say that most everyone there agreed that it was one of the most spiritual wedding ceremonies they had attended, and we were all taken aback by how strong the spirit was and the emotions we felt. It confirmed to us that this was a union blessed by the Lord. I think our family gained a lot of closeness in many ways by that beautiful ceremony. The patriarch who gave James his patriaracal blessing, Pres. Borquest, did the ceremony, and it couldn't have been a better person to convey the spririt like he did. I have never seen James and Taylor so peacful and happy as they were that day.

We had a lot of family (and friends) travel far (Utah, Az, Canada, etc.), sacrifice time and money to help with and be a part of the wedding, and it was so fun, thanks to everyone! I saw how much my parents put in to all of this too, and am in awe of them too, they are truly amazing people.

James and Taylor went to Mexico on a cruise for the Honeymoon, and had tons of fun, and when they got back, they loaded everything into a trailer, and moved to Austin, Texas where they both had great jobs waiting for them. (and a beautiful apt!) So far they seem to love it, and their jobs are going really well, and they are loveing married life. Looks like I will have to take a few trips to Austin!

Taylor, James and Taylor's dad, Bill

Kenny(James' friend), James, Chris (James' friend), Alex (Taylors Brother, James' new Bro!)

The grooms Family

Julie, Laurel, Michelle, Addie, Christopher, Ron

Ashley, Aubree, Kim and Alicia decorating the get away car :)

I stayed the week after the wedding, which was nice and spent some more time with family, and friends (I miss you Heather and Emily!!!), and even took a surf trip to San Diego with friends, and while I didn't catch a wave, I got severely burned which was just super. (how many times do I have to be burned from an overcast day to finally learn my lesson?!) It was worth it though, because I am hardly ever with these girls and had an awesome time in spite of the scalded epidermis.

Roxy Premier of "Dear and Yonder" about the amazing women surfers around the world
Christi and I and our free Roxy Flip flops!
Some cool surf chicks, Suzette, Gina, Christi, and Jeni

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Apples are Yummy

Someone had a little Christmas in July, and got a Macbook!

I am thoroughly enjoying it and, had a little fun with photo booth.... Ok a lot of fun. 

I think its written in the contract that you have to take these pictures when you purchase a Mac. 

Don't hate....you'd do it too if you had a macbook.   ....what?  you have a Macbook?  you haven't done this and published it on your blog? .....oh.....