Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cruise and some News...

First...I had an amazing week cruising to Mexico which I will go into more in a moment,
and 2nd, I am now a Professional level interpreter in Utah!

I just found out today I passed my Professional Level exam! It used to be called the Level 2, because there were 3 levels, but now there are only 2 levels in Utah, the Novice and Professional. I am super excited, and its so nice to be done with that, and I never have to take another state test! Next goal... the NIC test! (National Interpreter Certification)

So, on to the cruise...

It was just plain amazing, and you can see a bit more about that in Rachel's Blog. For those of you who don't know I went on a 7-night cruise with my friend who is an Interpreter too, and it was also a cruise where we could earn CEH's (continuing education units) which are needed for certification upkeep. There was a famous interpreter/comedian, and a deaf storyteller that taught our classes while we were at sea. We had so much fun with them both in class and just hanging around the ship and Mexico.

We had so much fun, and too many funny times to count. Basically the highlights for me were, gorgeous beaches (Cabo was our favorite), Parasailing, free room service, people-watching (really people-heckling), hanging out with and learning from the great Keith Wann and Peter Cook and Wormy, and Rachel and I dancing the night away with them. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Inside the ship, overlooking "Main St." :

Some of the interpreters including Rachel and I, and all the presenters.
This is what we lovingly call "drunk face":

Poolside Party at about 1am....Me, Peter Cook, Mona Jean, Wormy, and Rachel:

Wormy, Peter Cook, and me at the club in on the ship called "Dragons Lair" ha. Both are deaf and put all the "hearies" to shame on the dance floor....(especially cornrows and her BF) :

Towel monkey and me:

The cruiseship as seen from Lovers beach in Cabo San Lucas, it doesn't look it, but its actually really far away from the beach:

The beach at Mazatlan where I went Parasailing:

Me welcoming everyone near and far to Puerto Vallarta:
Us sailing to Lovers beach in our glass bottomed boat with our tour guide crazy hair and an even crazier english vocabulary, which included "Scooby dooby dooooo" and "Drunk seals Stiiiinnkkyyyy!" :
Me and Rachel "canoodling" Platonically, of course. (we're pretty sure 90% of the people there thought we were "together")

Me high in the sky, away from the dock! I sail, Dr. M! I sail! (Parasail!) :

Free Roooom Service!! :

Formal Dining night:
The yummiest way to drink a fruity drink! :