Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Found this pretty little thing while driving back from one of our campuses.  This campus is even more in the middle of no where than the one I work at is.  It's pure dirt and cacti for about 100 miles each way.  When we drive out there i'ts almost 2 hours each way so we only have a couple hours there before we have to come back to our main campus.
But I digress.
After that much "blah," when you see a pop of color, you  tend to notice.   Since spring is now here (yay!)  The cacti are now starting to blossom!  These are little cacti, and I would never notice them at all, but but they now have beautiful flowers!  I just had to snap a picture, even though all I had was my phone.  Next week, I will make sure to bring my Canon to do these blossoms justice.

Aren't they beautiful!?  I love Arizona!


Heidi said...

My good friend Lisa has lived in Tucson for the last few years and has grown to really love the desert, especially in spring. I love desert flowers, too, and I'm glad you got to see some pretty color. :)

Miraleeh said...

And wow...your little phone camera did a pretty good job! Beautiful!