Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pet Peeves

So its been a looong time since I posted last, and I have a lot to catch up on.  I have just not felt like blogging AT. ALL. for some reason.  (Maybe part of it is because I have been watching the whole last season of project runway on Hulu and have had time for little else?- I think the other finalist should have one, incidentally.)

The first part of this post though, is random.  I have been thinking of some of my pet peeves, and wondered if I am the only one who has these.  Its funny how I have such little patience for some things that are really trivial if I stop and think about it. Anyway, here are a few...

- When I try to take a hanger out of the closet and its intertwined in another item of clothing or hanger.  I can't just untangle it patiently, I have to yank and twist, and growl angrily until it (doesn't) come out.

-When I am with a friend in a new place and I don't know anyone, but they do, and they don't introduce me and just start talking with everyone.  Awkward.   

-Those straws that have the little covers on them SO tight that they have no room to actually come off the straw until you jam it onto the table so hard that it splits the straw and you end up sucking air in equal parts with your soda. oy. 

-People who don't turn right on red, when its legal and NO cars are coming. 

-"Hot Pants."  Unless you are a "never nude" these should not ever be worn.  

-People who use the bathroom stall right next you yours when its a big bathroom, and NO ONE else is there!  (this goes for movie theater seats too)

-When people say something like..."Are you busy tomorrow?" then they wait for you to answer.  I want to know what I am agreeing to do by saying "no" or missing out on if I say "yes."  But I don't want to sound like a jerk by saying, "I dunno, it depends." 

-When people emphasize the term "literally" when there is nothing literal about it. ex-"It was literally 400 degrees in today."  (Lets be honest, I do this too, but it bugs.)

Oh there are so many more, but these are just ones fresh in my head at the moment.  :)  What are some of yours??

...Aaaaaaand speaking of "Pets"  I got one. I was going to name him "Peeve" so I could call him my Pet Peeve, but then I remembered I'm not a hipster. 

I have been planning on getting a dog, but with my lifestyle and work schedule, there was just no way that I could get one.  :( Sad, but I had to give up the dream.  Sooooo I got what any single and almost 30 year old is supposed to get.  

A Kitten. 

Yep, I have an adorable little orange kitty.  I realize the stigma that comes with having a kitten as your only roommate, but I don't care. So go ahead, make fun of m in your head about being the Cat lady, my brother already did.

My co-workers cat had kittens, so I adopted one.  Well, it was a total of 2, but thats a long story.  Lets just say the first kitten I got was named Rudy, and this is him and this is what he did to me...

He was adorable as can be, but was a little terror, and I was awake every hour, and he meowed his little head off if he was not around me.  I was so afraid ever wake him up because when I did he would get all psycho.  I was bleeding constantly from him.  In an act of desperation, I traded him for his brother, Chester.  (I felt really bad, but I was beginning to thing I just wasn't ready for a Kitten.)

Once I traded for Rudy's little mellow brother, Chester, and it all went the way I was expecting.  Kittens are work, but they aren't supposed to attack your face at night, and shed your blood, you know what I'm sayin'?  

So Chester is adorable, and hilarious- he cracks me up, and we have bonded already.  He still runs up my leg but his little claws don't gouge a layer of skin off my leg. And he sleeps on my shoulder but I can move him without him getting crazy. 

So, here he is:

(I won't mention the semi-explosive diarrhea that he experienced 3x in one night, and the baths I had to give him while he was hollering.  Oh and how in the middle of that he locked himself in the bathroom by opening a drawer against the door.  Ok so that was a panicky moment, but all is well now.)  ;)


Ashley said...

Sounds like Rudy should have been named Dexter ;) btw I love your cryptic nod to Arrested Development. Never nude indeed!

Lacey Voris said...

Fun! Good luck!

Great Scott's! said...

hahaha, I love your pet peeves; infact I hate your pet peeves, is really how it should be said. I however do love your kitty. I want one all the time :-) but Gregg is not a fan of pets and what they require (pee/poo clean up, feeding,ect). Glad to hear you are living up to your true potential Miss Cat Lady USA, You do look amazing with a little kitty on your sholder.

Unknown said...

My pet peeve is when people don't blog for a long time and so I have no idea what is going on in their life...
umm ok well actually I also dislike having anyone in the stall next to me. I really dislike when people talk on their phones in the bathroom too!

Anonymous said...

Chester is so cute!!! Glad to hear that you are loving your new place. -Sara