Sunday, April 22, 2012


Found this on Pinterest. 
It makes me laugh. This is also my life.

If you ever see me "successfully" bake or cook something, its all a lie.  If the end product looks better than the above picture, it means I probably had 2 or 3 goes at it, and it most likely took me 7-8 hours to get it right. Hence the quotation marks around the word "successfully."

I can mess up a "Just add water" soup, or minute rice.  Just ask my family or any roommates over the years.  There is no hiding it from people I share a living space with.

...aand yet another benefit of living alone.


LKH said...

LOLOLOLOLOL... I've seen you do pretty good in the kitchen, but the was much better than if they had worked out perfect. Much more attitude!!

Jenna said...

haha those look awesome! they may not be perfect but they are cute in their own right!

new follower :)

CA said...

so funny