Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My (non-facebook) Status:

I am happy.

Not ALWAYS-but right now, at this moment I am.  And I am having more of these moments, more often.  Which I like very much.  

I have more hope.  I have more motivation.  I feel closer to my Savior.  I feel the need to be kinder to people.  I notice the beauty of the earth and sky every single day, I almost have the feeling like I have never seen something as beautiful/amazing/unique as "this".  I talk to myself in the car, and it's not to yell at the guy who cut me off. (usually)  I make silly faces to myself all the time. (The latter 2 mean "happy" for me, not "looney" I promise.)

I am grateful for an abundance of blessings in my life and for what I know to be true, and that is what gives me hope and joy in my life. 

Just wanted you to know. :)

{Chandler, Az at sunset just after rain}


Unknown said...

I am happy that you are happy! I am sure that having less stress and drama in your (work)life has made things so much better. I miss seeing you though.

rebecca said...

so glad. you deserve it.

Miraleeh said...

I love the amazing picture of the amazing sunset taken by the MOST amazing daughter ever! Love, Mom