Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rude of me?

So I have been thinking about possibly trading my car in lately because of many problems, so I went to to get an estimate value for my car.  They make you fill out your info, and say someone will contact you about deals they have.  I checked the box saying "email only."  Well all week I have been regretting that, because I have been getting calls and emails like crazy from dealers and its driving me NUTS!  I keep ignoring them because I haven't researched enough to want to get roped in to anything yet.

Well, today  I SERIOUSLY just got this email from a dealer that has been the worst spammer all week.  He calls and leaves messages sometimes 2 a day.  

Read this and tell me its not crazysauce.  (last name changed to protect the "innocent")

It's Joe Blahblah from CardinaleWay Mazda.  I just wanted to let you know that I talked with my therapist.  He says that you never responding to my messages is not an indication of your lack of interest.  He says it's my own insecurities.  How about dropping me an email or giving me a call?  Just let me know if he is right or wrong.  I do pay the guy after all! 
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!
Joseph BlahBlah
Internet Sales Manager
CardinaleWay Mazda
I almost died when I read it.  I thought it was hillarious, so I had to send him an email in the like, right?


 You need a new therapist.  Found someone else, please don't contact me again. Thanks! 


Was that rude of me?  I just couldn't resist. 


Ashley said...

That is by far the greatest thing I have read all week! I like you so much.

rachel said...

Am I being punk'd?

Tanya said...

BAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That is hillarious!! I'm so glad you wrote him back! Good luck selling your car :)

McCall B. said...

You win the funniest friend award. I love it!