Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I Regret...

I am sure we all like to say "I live my life with no regrets," but honestly, I think everyone has regrets. Some are big, some are teensy weensy, but no matter what, they are there. I am not going to talk about all my big stuff, just my TOP 5 little ones, but they have stuck with my for some reason, and I thought it would be therapeutic to "let them go--send them to the universe."
(I know, right, I'm super deep)

REGRET #5 I should not have been afraid to be myself and laughed:

When I was 12 I had a crush on a guy named Shaw, who I rode the bus with. One day, he was being extra goofy with his friend, apparently trying to show off. It totally worked, because I thought he was ah-mazing. So, the whole bus ride home I totally ignored him because I didn't want him to think I liked him (makes total sense, right?). It was so hard for me not to laugh and swoon, but I did it and was pretty proud of myself. As we got to my stop, I started to get up to go, and he said to me "Hey! Don't you ever smile!?" Wahhhh! I was so crushed and my plan totally backfired (ok, maybe it wasn't a well thought out plan). I mumbled "ha, yeah." and got off the bus totally dejected. I steered clear of him for the rest of the school year.

REGRET #4 I should have stayed in Ballet and Tap.

I will just simply say to all you youngin's out there, (none of whom are actually reading this) when givin the option to be in fun, social dance classes, or quit so you don't miss The Mickey Mouse Club and Kids Inc., don't choose the latter. (thats why God invented DVR, right?...right?)

REGRET #3 I shouldn't have been afraid of dumb boys.

This very much relates to both of the previous ones. I LOVED soccer, and was in it for several years as a kid. One year we moved, and the soccer teams were co-ed, so I refused to join because I would have boys on my team! Boys!...oh the horror! (anyone still wondering why I'm not married?.... cricket.....cricket...stare...thats what I thought.)

REGRET #2 Joining Facebook

There goes my life.

REGRET #1 Not documenting more about my life

I really wish I would have written in my Journal more in my life. Especially in HS it would have been nice to be able to go back and see what I was like, what I thought about, etc. I have a few things I wrote (probably 10 journals with the first 2-3 pages written on) and its so interesting to see what I thought, and how I wrote because its amazing how much you forget in such a short time. Thats why I think this blog is better than nothing for me.

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