Sunday, November 23, 2008



It still feels surreal, but we are actually in Venice right now! I am LOVING it so far, and I am so grateful to Alicia for bringing me here! We got here yesterday at 9 in the morning (1 am Utah time) and I had a hard time sleeping on the plane, but for the last 5 hours I took a half an Ambian that Alicia gave me and I was OUT! It was great and I didn't feel yucky or groggy. So I got really only about 3 hours, but it was fine. When we got here the hotel let us check in 5 hours early (we were so grateful). So we took an hour nap, and showered and were in Venice by 3.

We just basically walked arfound and enjoyed the scenery, and it was just AMAZING being there! I can't even tell you how much I love it. I seriously felt like crying! Anyway we just got our bearings around town yesterday, and got to bed by about 10, and were up at 7-ish to start the day today. I slept like a rock last night, and Alicia was jealous because I have adjusted perectly to the Jet Lag, and she had a hard time sleeping last night, and isn't as adjusted yet. Maybe staying up all night the night before you leave is the key to beating jet lag!!

Today was a perfect day! We left by 10-ish, and oh....lemme tell you, its RIDICULOUSLY cold here! I was actually considering not bringing my warm coat but I am SOOO grateful I did. Unfortunately that means that we will both look like we are in the same outfit in every single picture.

Anyway, so today we went to Doge's Palace, Saint Marc's Basillica, and the museum, and walked around, ate at a restaurant that Rick Steves (our famous travel book guide man) recommended for us. (which actually wasn't that great—don't get all brave and try mixed mystery meat skewers, you'll regret that decision.) And at the end of the day we went to a kind of Opera!! It was a last min decision that was really cool. It was about 12 people playing orchestra instruments, and 3 opera singers, and they were all dressed in Opera Garb, and sang from a bunch of different operas and composers, like Mozart, Offenbach, and the Opera Carmen. I knew a lot more songs than I thought and loved it! They were surprisingly good and full sounding even though they were few in number, and they didn't need props or scenery because we were in a gorgeous old building with 16th century architecture and art and beautiful acoustics. We also ate Gelato twice today (YUUMMM!!), and did a bunch of shopping—a bunch :)

OK, and lastly are random things I am discovering that are different that I never knew were different in Europe (call me naive!) So the toilets have the smallest little rims to sit on, and the travel toilet seat covers we bought don't stay on them :) OK and also the way to flush the Toilets is all totally different and they are never actually attached to the toilet itself, and they are huge weirdly shaped plastic plates or lever thingys that look like bowls stuck to the wall. Sometimes I have to just assume it's the lever and start pushing or pulling it in hopes it will somehow flush the toilet. There is also the option of a whole flush or a half flush....guys I assume that’s for you. Also guys and girls share bathrooms. Well, we use different stalls but we wash our hands next to each other, kinda weird. Oh, and most you have to pay for to get in 1 Euro. OK so all of that was directly related to bathrooms here...sorry. Oh and the cars are rad, they are small and cute, but quite spacious actually. We rented a car, but are only using it to get from city to city, and only drove from the airport to the Hotel so far. That was about a half a mile, and it was an adventure already. Drive, neutral, reverse and everything else is a little diff here so it was interesting just getting started.

Well, I love everything about Venice so far. I love hearing the different languages, and not being able to understand most everyone. I love that EVERYTHING is beautiful, totally and ridiculously beautiful, and just OLD! I love the fashion here, especially the guys, they are so sleek and suave :) It’s amazing. I also love the Italian accents when they are speaking English. Anyway so far so great, and I am looking forward to the rest of the trip. We are spending all day and night here again tomorrow, and then will leave really early the next day to get to Cinque Terre by noon (takes 4+ hours to get there).

OK, it's midnight here, so goodnight and enjoy the pics! I will have to caption better later... it was hard to get the pics up at all with this Italian Hotel Internet!

I love you and miss you all !!!!


Miraleeh said...

Sooo excited to read your post! It DOES look amazing! The pictures are wonderful and it looks like you are having such a great time. Enjoy! I can't wait until your next post! Love you...Mom

rachel said...

I am not even going to pretend that I'm not SUPER JEALOUS!!!! How fun! Be careful and find a delicious Italian boy to bring home with you :)

Bray said...

Wow, it sounds amazing. I am so happy for you to be able to take this trip, it will be something you will remember the rest of your life. Say hello to Alicia for me!!