Monday, August 9, 2010

Who wears short shorts...??

Ok, so he's the cutest man in the world, but he IS taken. (sorry ladies) I will pretty much let some of these pictures speak for themselves, but I will just say that the leggy person I am referring to is my Grandpa.

So my lovely mother was here this week, and last Saturday, we went up past Heber, close to Park City last week, to Jordanelle and had a boating day with my Uncle Mark's newly acquired boat. He was kind enough to take us all out, and teach some of the family how to wake board. He is quite the pro boater and wake boarder now, it was fun to see his skills! It was SO nice of him to come down for the weekend from Idaho and take his motley crew of a family out! My (maternal) Grandpa hasn't had much opportunity or need to use a bathing suit, so I believe the last time he bought "swim trunks" was around 1983. That didn't stop him from being his usual self, going around to every person on the beach and on the dock chatting up a storm, using his white legs as a topic for an ice breaker. Enjoy...

The talk of the town:

Kim in the boat, and Mark, the proud owner. (of the boat, not of Kim) :)

Love it!

He was so excited to be riding around in the boat that, he videoed the whole thing...and therefore fell over several times, when we hit a big wake. Don't worry he's only 80 so he popped right back up not missing a beat.

The pro boater! He has some serious "driving-backwards-avoiding-a-collision" skills. :)

The whole crew, minus me and my Mom. I promise we were there, we just have no documentation on film. which was TOTALLY by accident. totally.

(we had to keep reminding a certain someone, that wind is not your friend when 'standing' in shorts)

(ps...happy birthday to my Dad!! We missed him this week, but he was busy holding down the fort at church and at work, while everyone else was gone. LOVE YOU DAD!)


Taylor Morgan said...

I LOVE this post! haha Grandpa is so cute. I love his swim suit. Looks like fun!

SBZabriskie said...

LOL! Thanks so much for the laugh! Your Grandpa is so cute-He looks very happy!

Brad Justice said...

Oh Jer. Grandpa Head! I'm signed up in one of his books somewhere in his home in Springville. We missed you at the river. Maybe next year?