Monday, August 16, 2010

Hummus is Yummus

I finally renewed my membership to "food Disneyland", and I am thrilled. I got my photos developed there for cheap, and pushed off weaving down the aisles on my cart with a pleased smile on my face, and wind blowing in my hair, happily knocking random items into my cart. The dude whose toes I ran over didn't even seem to care that I had just renewed my membership to pure happiness. So selfish, I mean I'm sure nothing was broken.

( I recommend taking a list of "needs" when going to Costco. If you buy more than 4 items, you may just be dipping in to your life savings. I worth it, but maybe a list is wise. The happy feeling in my bosom was quickly deflated at the register.)

Anyhow, here are some yummies I just love from Costco:

Veggie Chips! Go great with the next item..

....Delicious Hummus...The kind I got is this brand but has sun dried tomatoes in it!!! yummus!

These yummy mini peppers are such a good snack, plain, or with hummus which I just discovered! (or the old staple, Ranch of course.)

...And last but CERTAINLY not least... Dark Chocolate Covered Acai Berries. oh my. these. these are amazing. Just amazing. But beware...these little devils make you feel good about eating them because they are a "great source of antioxidants" so there is a possibility of eating them til you are sick. At least, that's what i've heard from other people, who obviously don't have the self control that I totally have. Just sayin'.

Now I will wait for my endorsment check from Costco for the advertisment.


leslie s said...

Makes me hungry!! Our Costco is missing some of these treats...hummmmm. Love your pot post too. So funny!!

nana said...

i love costco too! and we're having those tasty little dark chocolate covered acai berries at my reception... just sayin :)

Katrina said...

Hey girl!!! Loved this post! I HEART COSTCO! I am the biggest fan ever and seriously cried the last time that we went to Costco in VA before we moved to PA. No Costco in Erie...isn't that dumb! There is one one and a half hours away...but it's just not the same. John and I would go there for dates sometimes! Our kids have picked their foodcourt as their birthday dinner choice. I am so sad!!!!

the Woods said...

food disneyland. haha. It's even worse when you have kids. I remember gasping at how much my mom spent there when I was little, but I have to admit to spending life savings there as well. It just adds up so fast! especially when you pile clothes in there.