Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#6 AND #29

Just as a "progress report" of sorts, of the 30 things I listed a couple weeks ago here, I have mostly been working on #6 and #29.

#6 Enter a Photography contest: Status...taking pictures.
I have heard that the secret to entering a photography contest is to take pictures so you actually have something to enter. I don't know if its true, but the logic seems sound. ha. So I finally got batteries for my camera, and a bunch of film and took pictures. (yes film, if you don't know what it is, look it up on Wikipedia. Its a way to capture pictures from the olden days. Or in my case, photography for poor people.) Anyway I took my DSLR minus the 'D' and went to Provo canyon (Bridal Veil falls specifically), and SLC temple square, and took about 5 rolls of film. That seemed like obvious places to start, plus it was just nice being there, and enjoying the weather and the day. I have yet to develop them due to 'funding' issues though. Its a vicious cycle really, I am poor so I don't by an expensive digital camera, but my film for the regular SLR camera is expensive to buy and develop, especially since I mess up more cuz I can't immediately see my problems, delete them and fix it, like if I had a DSLR. Anyway, here's hoping I can get them developed soon, and there are at least a small handful of ok pictures in there so I can eventually shoot something that I can enter in to a contest. Notice I make no mention of actually winning. :)

#29 Learn and Memorize at least 15 Guitar songs: Status...in progress.
A couple weeks ago, I went home for a week and while I was there I had my Dad play a bunch of songs that I wanted to work on, and I filmed him playing so I could see his fingers and remember the strumming pattern or plucking pattern for each song. I am so glad I did that because I have watched them a lot, and it helps my terrible memory, when I can't quite remember how a song goes. So I have been playing guitar a bunch of late. My fingers are finally just right...nasty and calloused. It makes for more comfortable guitar playing...not so painful.
Here is a little sample of my documentation songs. And my dads skills.


rachel! said...

Holler! Making progress! I have gone stagnate on my list of 30 before 30....how's that for progress????


SBZabriskie said...

Hey I have a digital camera-it's not super high tech but I have taken some great pics with it-anyway you can borrow it for a weekend sometime if you want.