Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Day #19 and #20

#20. "Handwriting"

My sweet Aunt Alicia drew my name for Christmas and made this awesome chalkboard frame!  She always gives the best gifts.  My handwriting is lacking, I realize, I even had to re-write it because at first it looked like it said "Nome Sweet Nome." 

#19 "Something you hate to do"

Cook/bake!  I don't hate it so much as IT hates ME!  I swear I can make disasters out of the SIMPLEST of recipes.  My Mom was here visiting for the weekend (YAY!!)  and we had so much fun, and she made Sunday dinner (delicious by the way) and I had one simple charge: to add water to the Angel Food cake mix, mix it, and bake it.  Yet I still make an overflowing, burning mess.  (My apartment still smells just awful.)  I wish I could love cooking and baking but you tend to hate what you just stink at.

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Heidi said...

One time, I caught my oven on fire. Making a cake for my cake decorating class "final". Good times.