Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo Day #18

#18. "Drink"

I suppose this picture would be more exciting if I drank alcohol, but since I don't here is my water in beer stein with my name on it! My friend/co-worker gave everyone a personalized beer stein at her wedding (how fun, huh!?) and gave special instructions to the waiters to fill mine with Diet Coke.  I was the only one at the wedding sipping soda through a straw.  :)

Don't you think any drink tastes better in fun glasses?


Great Scott's! said...

I was catching up on your blog and I am LOVinG this blog list thing. My favorite is the penny face, and the purse, super cute!!! And that 2 borings make an interesting! I am at work and went to the restroom, and on my way there saw your twin!!! crazy!! And... she smelled like you too. Just too ironic not to share. Made me miss you and our little chats, and Akiko. You are great, funny, and beautiful, I hope you have a great Presidents Day my AZ friends!!

Taylor Morgan said...

I totally think drinks taste better in fun glasses! so cute!