Sunday, January 30, 2011

Politics, blech

I really don't like talking politics. Really.  Everyone just gets all offended and upset usually no one changes there mind about anything that has been debated. (However, I do think its extremely important to know and understand what is going on, if you can wade through all the muck.) That said, this is a video purely about perspective.  It's interesting for me because I am a typical American who doesn't seem to know the difference between $1 billion and $1trillion, except that I know which  pile of money is bigger.  Yes I admit it, mostly I don't want to really understand because it seems crazy upsetting that we are even in the debt we are in.  (Again no blaming of which president got us in to what messes for what reasons here, just an observation of the mess we're in.)

So if you're like me, this may be an interesting bit of perspective. Watch if you want, don't if you don't want :)


rebecca said...

uh ya. they are just big piles of money to me, too.

how interesting!

carol said...

Hilarious!... or not.