Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hartley Family Band

I have some of the coolest family around.  I also come from a very musical family, none have ever been formally trained, but we all seem to have a crazy love of music.  I didn't really get that "performance" gene, but I love it all the same.

My Dad brought me up on great rock music, like Journey, Eagles, Styx, Neil Young, etc.   In fact, whilst still in the womb, I was rocking out at his concerts with my Mom in Canada when he was still in a band.  I have grown up with him singing and playing guitar, and have tried to pick it up a little myself.  (ahem, still working on that).  My brother has become an amazing singer/guitarist/song writer too.

At any rate, my Dad and his brothers, Ron and Gerald come together every christmas and play music, and as of the past 3-4 years have been recording (finally) their stuff.  My uncle Gerald has a mini recording studio in his house.  So without further ado, I HAD to show the world some of it.  I will start by posting thier most watched and enjoyed one on Youtube.

Its called "Seven Bridges Road."  A cover the Eagles did a while back. (Originally written by Steve Young which if you read any of the comments, its been quite a disscussion, lol)

{L to R: Gerald (youngest brother), James (my brother), Larry (my Dad), uncle Ron (oldest Brother)}

Watch and enjoy!

THIS is another of my favorites (amazing harmonies) although maybe not as well known.  Its called "Helplessly Hoping" by Crosby Stills and Nash.

Feel free to watch others if you have some time to kill :)
A few more suggestions though:

~My Uncle Ron wrote this BEAUTIFUL song.  I am learning to play it.  Its Called "Sunshine and Rain."

~Here is their cover of Teach Your Children Well, for those who may not recognize the others.  (really well done version- i love it)

~And last but not least... my uncle Gerald whose house they are recording this in, is an amazing soloist and guitar player, and jack of all trades.   Here is one of his most recent, and I love it.  I LOVE his voice.  And no, he is not one of a set of triplets, this is just The Gerald Hartley band. :)
Go HERE to watch.  (ps check out the coolest guitar ever he is playing.)

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