Saturday, January 15, 2011

John Deer Certificates, Rodeo team and Gila Monsters...

... are all a part of my new life. I have been warned on more than one occasion at work to watch for rattlesnakes, and Gila Monsters (pronounced like Heelah, and looks like a big scary lizard). Our school is quite proud of our Rodeo team, and John Deer program and I haven't quite figured out why yet, but I get emails warning me to stay out of the "range" at our school because there is shooting going on out there. Guess I should figure out where that is so to avoid getting shot at.

Anyway I am HERE! Its crazy in AZ! Not really, that just rhymed. But it IS crazy that I am in a totally new place and really don't know hardly anyone, and my job is very different than I am used to. I have realized that I can not compare this life with what I have been used to in other areas, especially the job. I am still just getting my feet wet but I think I will really like it when I get settled. So far so good!

I have now been here for 2 weeks. My parents helped me move out and drove down with me and moved me in here. They are SAINTS! I would have been so overwhelmed without their help, but with them here it went smoothly and quickly! Thanks again parents!

Some interesting things: (the word "interesting" is being used loosly)
-My commute is a smooth, traffic free 35 minutes from Chandler to Coolidge (south) and its dry, flat, empty desert for 30 mins of the drive.
-I use my GPS on my phone to survive, but get semi-lost everyday.
-Our college has 3 campuses and 7 centers accross Pinal (yes, Pinal) county where students take classes and it takes anywhere from 30 mins to 90 mins to get to each one from the main Campus I work at.
-I have done a lot of traveling to the different campuses already to do "Diversity" training. I was really tempted to do my best Michael Scott impression, but refrained.
-The theme in Az is "Pueblo" apparently. It seems to be a requirement.
-Really like my apt, have 2 roommates who seem nice, but not a ton of interaction w/ them yet.
-I now have trader joes! And Chipotle! And warm weather!
-I am finally starting to interpret on Tuedsay(when school starts)!!!

So here are some Pics~

My new digs:


The school, and Building I work in:



Ashley said...

Though I am sure that you have received a plethora of emails pertaining to how greatly we miss you may I just reiterate? Things just aren't the same without you. Not only because the office ran a whole lot better while you were there, but not being able to go say hi has been lame to say the least.
I love, love, lurve your new digs! That casa is amazeballs! I hope your adventures with room mates are better than some people *cough* Rachel *Cough* (beware of Emilies I guess....).
Please don't let the weird lizards and reptile like creatures bite you, that would be scary.
I hope you feel amazing and are enjoying your new adventure!
Miss you! Huggies.

rachel! said...

Sighhhhhhh. I'm so glad that you now have Trader Joes and Chipotle but we also have them out here in DC. I really, really hope that it turns out amazing for you. We both need to plan trips - I will visit AZ if you come to the East Coast and we do a bonanza trip of: Harry Potter World, DC, NYC, etc. You keep me updated missy. I hate that when I now visit Utah I won't be seeing you there. I will always be grateful we met, clicked, cruised and went to lots of midnight movies together :)


rachel! said...

PS - I will have to fill you in on my nutso roommate situation some time. Emilee.....Satan's handmaiden....

Miraleeh said...

Hey...thanks for letting us "help" you move! is more like thanks for letting us tag along! It was fun! And now I can hardly wait to come back and "help" you with something else! Don't be surprised when I just show up one Friday night soon! You are just a small drive away! Love ya, Mom (and Dad)

McCall B. said...

I miiiissss you lady! I loved this blog post and all the amazingness of the new place. I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures in AZ.

nana and atom said...

CUTE place! and i must say that that trunk in your room is really cool. anyway, i hope you're enjoying the AZ sun!

leah jane said...

Oh, it all looks so warm and lovely I for sure want to come visit!!

SBZabriskie said...

Sounds like a great adventure for you! I sure miss you though!

Anonymous said...


I just had come across your blog (amazing by the way!) but I'm writing you because I am thinking about transferring down to that college next year and I didn't know how you felt about the college still and if you had any tips for people traveling across country to attend school there. I'm currently living in northern Illinois (near Chicago) so it would be quite the drive to move down there. Well, I hope all is well with you and my email is if you would be so kind to email me your thoughts.


Jory M.