Saturday, March 28, 2009

They're Engaged!

On March 15th, my bro James and his girlfriend Taylor got engaged!!! It was their one year and one month anniversary (monthaversary??). Anyway, I was lucky enough to fly down just two days later and rejoice with them :) I am so excited for them, they are rediculously cute together, and they are so happy. I am thrilled to finally have a sister too! Its extra fun because Taylor and I were friends and roomies before they started dating, so we aren't just friends cuz we have to be! :) I do have to say that I take full credit in getting these two lovebirds together. I was her Visiting Teacher, and because of that we decided to move in together, and I gave her James' phone number and the rest is history!

Isn't that the most gorgeous ring!!!

James' birthday was on the 17th (the day I arrived) which is the day Taylor was baptized 2 years ago, and Taylors b-day was on the 22nd (the day I left), so we got to do a whole lot of celebrating! It was great fun! (and boy did we have LOTS of chocolate cake) I haven't been home in about 8 months, so it was so nice to be in Ca again. I am definitely am not the type who can be away from my family too much, I miss them a lot, and love being around them. My Mom and I have a tradition of going to lunch at Olive Garden and the swap meet on Saturdays, and I have missed that, so it was fun to do that again! We also went as a family to Dave and Busters to dinner and to play Pool and some other games. My Dad and James are quite skilled at pool, and my mom and I try to look fancy, but that's all we can claim. Its always fun though :) So here are some pics of the week!

**James and Taylor will be married in the Newport Beach temple on June 27th 2009. If you haven't given James or Taylor your address for an announcement, you are welcome to email me or leave it in the comment section. My email is**


Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

That's so fun for them! Yay. I love the ring.

and I LOVE the picture of you at the top of your page. LOVe it.

The Ball Family said...

three words...