Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pointless Purchases Please

I love "window" shopping on-line.  I found a website here that has stupid random gifts that one feels are so novel that you have to buy it.  I try to think of which of my friends I think NEEDS the item, so I can justify buying it.  Then I think, "wait, do I really need to spend $10 on bacon band-aids, and $15 on a hamburger phone?"   

These are all things that I would buy if I had money to burn, just because of the dumb little kid in me.  If you feel you need any of these, I am pretty sure that it would not be very hard to convince me to buy it for you.  

Stationary is a weakness of mine. i love it.

Cutest tape despenser ever, right?

This has fun pages inside...see below

Its like Willy Wonka's Magical edible land!
Milk Jug!

USB drives!! Cute!

Guitar Spatula!
I love coloring. And indie rock.

Crazy Cat lady ACTION FIGURE

My family needs this.

Makes me want to make more Jewish friends.

Shower Curtain
A nose is a nose like a rose is a rose...
(these are called "Pick your nose" cups. clever.)


laurel said...

I want the umbrella, and the coloring book and those cups! I've wanted to buy those cups for so long. So funny. Have you seen the animal one? I like this whole list of things. Good gifts for the person who has everything right?
Oh and I also love that ribbon. Perfection

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

i love pointless purchases like all of these. they're all just so much fun- thanks for sharing.

Taylor and James said...

your mom totally needs the "I have the receipt" ribbon haha. love the tape dispenser so cute.