Wednesday, September 22, 2010

yippie doodle do.

This week has been icky.
So, I'm glad that I have something to look forward to!
I literally have to have something to look forward to or my life gets too monotonous and I get in a funk. That is one reason that I decided to go to this exciting workshop series, which I found through one of my favorite local Blogs, "A Little Sussy." I have been wanting to go to a class held by Nicole Hill for a couple years, since I found her blog, and have now saved up some money and convinced a friend to loan me his DSLR so I could have a better camera for the workshop.

These are the classes offered (click for larger version):

I am basically taking all the Photo/photoshop classes, plus a screenprinting class, and party planning 101! F.U.N.!(this will also help me get more on my way to ticking of #4, 5 and 6 off my "30 before 30" list!)

And now I invite anyone in the area, (or not in the area who wants to come to SLC) to join! You can see the cost of each class, or the discounts for multiple classes here. So far, I am just going alone, but it would be fun to have someone else there too! Even if it was for just one class. :)

Yay! I can't wait!


brooklyn said...

oh fun. i've done all of those (except the party planning) - I think that is new. you'll like them and learn a ton! i found that the ones done at art weekend were a little rushed, but still good. have fun. i'd love to hear what you think after your classes.

rebecca said...

I grew up with the Hills.... you will love Nicole! Have so much fun!