Monday, September 13, 2010

Aging is yucky.

(I ensue in much petty yet casual bitterness in the following paragraph... You have been warned.)

I am disgusted. I have a problem with getting "older" and I don't like reminders that the earth is spinning and time is ticking away. That is why I am becoming less fond of birthdays where I bury another year of my 20's and wedding announcements of "kids" I used to babysit, and HS reunions. That's right, HS reunions. My 10 year reunion for Fountain Valley H.S. is next month. Most likely, I will not be attending, due to the time of year and its in California, and the fact that I refuse to admit I have been an "adult" for 10 years. Also, I already keep in touch with those I want to keep in touch with, and most importantly, I don't have enough money to "rent" a muscular piece of hotness to be my fake husband for the evening.

On a lighter note, here is a blast from the past, probably only interesting to those who know me and or the other people in this picture. I will point out who I am in each one, because although I think its easy to pick out who I am, I recently showed a room full of my peers one of these, and NO ONE could tell I was even in the picture. Basically they thought all the girls were pretty and didn't believe I was one of them. Yeah, I don't think there are even any positive ways to spin that. :) At any rate, I love these pictures, they remind me of the "good 'ole days" and my days of being a choir nerd..."Glee" style.

My school yearbook pic.(freshman/sophomoreish year)

Heather and I looking all "hot" in our loose flowered shirts and high-water semi-casual slacks.

"Besties" in our Troubador dresses Junior year.
(Becca, Heather, Emily and Me)

Janny, Me, Brandon and Heather (B and H are happily married now w/2 little cuties!)

Senior year. Me, Colleen, and Heather ready for the Homecoming dance.
(this is the one no one believed was me)
16th B-Day party - Summer Between Sophomore and Junior year.

My Bro James and I in Hawaii my Senior Year.

You guessed it, Choir again, I am top middle left.

Heather and Me, we often got mistaken for sisters, or for each other. (my Dad is in the background too.)Some of my very best friends in HS!
{Emily, Brandon, Carrie (Em's cousin), Brad, Becca, Kirk, Heather, Me}Prom, Senior year. I'm in the middle. Graduation!

Lastly....I promise to go to my reunion if I can find 2 other peeps to do this Dance with....this is the only way to do a HS reunion. Watch it, you wont be sorry:


Calandreya said...

I agree with only going back on your terms. :)

Getting older is far far better than the alternative.

Ashley said...

Speaking on behalf of those who couldn't tell it was you, you look very different as a blonde. You are still as beautiful as ever, but we were all expecting a picture of a hot blonde, not a hot brunette. That is my defense, I love ya and you are still rockin, even if you think you're old.

SBZabriskie said...

I totally recognized you in every picture-maybe because I all ready knew you were there, but none the less...

Kat said...

I actually think you are more beautiful NOW!! And I agree with Ashley, I was lookin for a younger blonde Jerilyn! You look fabulous. I know you didn't write this post to get compliments like this, but I'm gonna tell you anyway, since it's the ultimate truth: You're beautiful. Aging smage-ing. Who cares. You're hot. And maybe you should go to your reunion... you're super successful, funny, smart and pretty.... and people would be totally jealous. :)

Roberta said...

All I can say is: Please don't feel old! It is unnecessary! You're free, beautiful and sassy! Watch out world! lol.

Likewise, I just celebrated my 25th bday, and I went wine tasting, so needless to say I was more drunk than worried about my age.

But who cares about age anyways? It's the looking back at those amazing "back in the day" photos and realizing how freakin awesome you've turned out!

Look how we've grown, I say!


Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

haha. i love all your old pictures... i recognize you in them all!! :)
one time chase saw a family picture of my family and he asked why i wasn't in it!? haha. i was!!
i think most people change a lot over the years....

Janelle said...

i didn't know we were the same age - i totally agree with your sentiments on aging! i just missed my 10 yr reunion and was so sad to not go. then again, i think everyone just got drunk, so it probably wouldn't have been too much fun. and i think you look amazing - then and now. believe me you have much better HS pics of you than i do of me! haha

leslie s said...

I remember you choir picture being up in Grandma H house. So pretty. You still are. :)

nana said...

i could tell who you were in all the pictures and i didn't even know you back then. i guess being stuck to you for 24 hours a day for 6 weeks really engrained your face in my mind. haha. no but i love the blast from the past, so great! AND, you ARE beautiful!

Brian and Lindsay Holmstrom said...

I will do the dance with you at the the reunion ;) And you had the best 16th birthday party. Good memories in all of those pictures!

Katrina said...

Ohhhh I loved these pictures!!! It's hard to believe that it's been almost 8 years since I've seen you! Crazy!!!!!!! These pictures really made me miss you and Heather! I was reminded of the short lived yet fun year that we lived together! Was that Brad....the one that would come over to our place all the time? I didn't remember that you guys knew him in high school! you keep in touch with any of our other roomies...I can't even remember their names. Well, I do remember Jenna...but I'm pretty sure you have no idea where she is :)! Also...have you ever seen Dave Garriott? He was so mad when I got engaged to John...and that was the last that I saw or heard about him! Oh good times!!!!