Friday, April 24, 2009

Gifts :)

I have already decided on the gifts and started making them, they are fun for me to make, so I hope you like what you get. They are all the same idea, but no two are the same, I made them just for you. And if you don't like 'em, you can always re-gift right! :) Anyway, the people that will receive them are...

Brittany Nielson
Laurel Bogar
Leah Reigle
Jessica Wilkins
Gale Bray
Shanna Scott
and Olya Tyltin

Please email me your address, at and I will send them to you shortly :)


Olya and Alex Tyltin said...

Yeah, baby! Thank you for picking me!

Gale said...

You are kidding.....I get a gift!! I am so excited. Also remember. I have a major Tiffanys hook up so if you ever want me.

nana said...

Cute little boxes. I hope you send your gifts wrapped in something like that because anyone should be excited for a cute little box. hahaha.

nana said...

sorry, that hahaha sounded like i was being sarcastic but i wasn't. a cute little box really would be super exciting! :)

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Oh Jerilyn! I just love my new box and necklace! It's like I got two gifts in one!
Im procastinating on doing this similar post, but soon I will!
Thanks again! Xoxo.