Friday, November 21, 2008

Yeah, maybe I'll regret it....

SO I totally saw Twilight at 12:20 am this morining, and I am leaving for ITALY in 15 mins. I haven't slept a wink, but hopefully I can do that on the 12 hours of Air time I have. :)

I decided I was going to go, and then I decided I was not going, and then I decided to go, and then I decided not to...and well...I went.

Overall it was a lot better than I expected and also kinda worse than expected. So I guess that means it was just what I expected. Lets just say its great until Edward goes into the forest and gets all glowy and shiny and actually kind of creepy. Other than that it was mostly really good.

***note: If you haven't read the books, or at least the first one, do NOT go and see this movie. You will likely hate it and wonder what we all liked about it. Especially if you are a male.

Anyway enjoy the picts of us freezing in line for 2 hours outside, and of one of the "Edwards" there.

I will try to Blog if I can in Italy!! SO look for stuff, if not I will see you all in 2 weeks!!

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