Friday, November 7, 2008

Girls Nites are healthy....

Me, Brittany Johnson, Kristine Hansen, Patricia Nagagta Noel

So last night I went out with 3 good friends from the mission days. Even though its been 3 years (ahhh!), I still have a hard time calling them by their first names. Worse than that, one is married, and I have a hard time calling her by her new married last name, let alone her first name. Apparently I have a hard time with change. Maybe I should see someone about that.

Anyway, we went out to eat at Red Robin, and then off to a Comedy show in Provo. Apparently 2 of the guys are the improv comedy champs of the Nation this year. They even beat out LA which is hard to do. I found myself enjoying myself immensely, and laughing pretty much the whole time. These ladies are top quality, and we have such fun, and can totally be ourselves around each other. They are hillarious, and we all decided that we were so funny that we should join the comedy troupe---OR just become their groupies, one of those. We went and got some Italian Gelato afterwards, and that can be summerized in 4 words..... De-lect-a-ble.

I have decided that even though french fries and ice cream were involved, it was healthy for me to have a fun girls night in the middle of the week. I felt uplifted by thier goodness, and since we all have a history together, it was fun to remember all the good times, and crazy times, and remember the amazing feelings of serving a mission. Even the bad memories seemed to be hilarious. Its healthy for the soul to be amongst people who have common goals, and people who love you for you, and can strengthen you just because of who they are. Its rare to find such people, and I am greatful for those people in my life. Even though we all get busy with life, I love being able to stop and enjoy eachother when we can. Thanks girls, I love you!!

Whilst these are terrible pictures of yours truly, they are the only ones I have, and the rest of the girls look fabulous.

Hansen, Johnson, Me, and Nagata (Noel) with all the funny guys.


Bray said...

We loved seeing your family in California and wish you would have been there. I love your blog

Kat said...

Girls nights are super healthy, indeed! I'm glad you had such a fun night! You're an awesome CUTE girl, and those pictures are adorable. I love your hair and awesome yellow coat! Have a good rest of the weekend and see ya monday!

Miraleeh said...

Hey Fun! I love those pictures! You are a cute bunch! It's great when you can pick up with friends just like no time has passed.

Great Scott's! said...

Hey Johnson was in the MTC with me, did you know that? BOOYAY! And I think it's my favorite thing to gather with the mission buds, it is indeed healthy for the soul. Ps I love the Jerilyn and think you rock my socks every Mon, Wed and Fri. Please hide your phone next class so I can't feed my "Ball Buster" adiction :)

Paty said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a blog! It was nice to hang out with you! I don't usually go out with friends without my husband but with you guys I definetely had to go! and it was tons of fun!! I hope you're doing well!! I'll add your blog to my blog ok?
Love ya compie!