Sunday, June 20, 2010

The many faces of....

My Dad! Larry Hartley,
Born Aug 9th Nineteen-fmehty-shmumpthing.
(date changed to protect the innocent)
Well, a lot of things:

He is Canadian!....
(and a goofy one at that)

He is a Brother.....(and a young scrawny one here )

A life long athlete....
(finishing the St.George Marathon about 4 or 5 years ago)

A Musician....
(a mean guitar player and singer with a "Smooth-a-butta" voice)
{pictured with his band in the 80's "Roller"}

A loving husband....

The avid sports fan... (as denoted by the Kings hockey arena behind us)

The doer of Man-deeds.....
(packing my little shquata car for my first year of college away from home)

The loving caretaker of children...
(taking good care of me during my surgeries in H.S.)

And Best of all...The greatest, most loving Father in the world!
(at the MTC before my mission)

I love you so much Dad
I am so grateful for everything you do and sacrifice for our family
You have honored your priesthood,
been there for me when I needed you most,
given me love and happiness,
and been a friend when I need you.
Thank you for being you,
Love, your Daughter
(ps. I love you more)


Miraleeh said... know how to wax eloquent...with a little humor mixed in! I love this blog about your father! Your mother and father are pretty lucky to have a daughter like you! You tell them that! Oh wait...they already know! Love you!

LKHartley said...

So sweet, Thank You Jer!
Makes me want to wish you a happy Daughters day but I can't find it on the calendar so I will just say thank you tons. These Pictures of you and me bring back great memories and I trust we will creat many more in the years to come.
Love you Jerilyn!

leslie s said...

I love this post!!! Your Dad is amazing and this is a sweet tribute to the great man that he is. How is is possible that all of you are so DARN funny!! I love your humor and I can't even say you got it from your dad alone because you mom's got that talent too!! Love you all. --L